Paying and Disputing a Parking Violation in Toronto
Promotional video for the City of Toronto, 2017, ranking as the 15th most popular video on the City's YouTube channel
Software used: Adobe Illustrator and GoAnimate. 
Voiceover by Matthew Steeves
Ransom: The Artist
photo of a TV over a side table. On the TV screen is a still from Ransom, showing the fictional Davenport Art Gallery with event banners

Video still from Ransom, showing scene with event banners.

Designed the art gallery's event  banners for the television show Ransom (Season 1, Episode 10), 2017.
Software used: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop. 
Burlington Transit is Accessible (Described)
Captions and description by Inclusive Media and Design Inc.
Video description and voice over by Nell Chitty, 2014. 
Software used: CapScribe.
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