Photo of a horse, cyclist, and car driving by in Cuba

Varadero, Cuba

Photo of the Hopewell rocks below the milky way and a shooing star
Photo of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night

Paris, France

photo of a blue Vespa outside a run down building

Prague, Czech Republic

Seagulls over the CNE, Toronto.
Photo of the cliffs and sea on a sunny day at Big Sur

Big Sur, California

Photo of a pile of bricks
Bricks, Toronto.
Photo of well-wishes in Chinese posted on a door
Well wishes, China.
Photo of metal bird cages covered in icicles
Icicles on bird cages, Montreal.
Photo of a ball of snow on ice
Fallen snow on ice, Jordan ON
Photo of melted ice around a rock in a frozen creek
Stone and ice, Jordan ON
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