Photo of the North York Hotspot Loops Guide

Hotspot Loops Guide for North York, 2016. 

Exploring Toronto Gardens Map

Exploring Toronto Gardens map, 2016.

photo of a bus stop ad for My City My Six that reads: missed by bus, fell in love. Lisa, 45 Scarborough.

Citywide six-word poetry exhibit on transit shelters, transit vehicles, subway platforms, civic centres, and billboards.
 My City My Six, 2017

Photo of a person holding a phone next to pumpkins. On the phone is the Pumpkin Parades Snapchat filter with illustrations of Toronto themed pumpkins at its base

Snapchat Geofilter for the Pumpkin Parades, 2017.

Photo of the Serve Your City transit ad by the water front. Image text: different age groups and backgrounds, different abilities and communication methods, increased contrast and legibility

Serve Your City update, 2017

Serve Your City is already a strong, established campaign created two years ago by in-house designer Carol Tsang. When I was asked to update the campaign in Fall 2017, I focused on furthering the diversity and accessibility in through visual representation, contrast, and type. 
Photo of a teenage girl looking at her cell phone. On the screen is a smiling selfie with a Snapchat geofilter of a waving raccoon, City Hall, and the Toronto sign

Snapchat geofilter (concept shown). Winner of the internal City Hall Geofilter Design Challenge, 2016.

Infographic showing spending and amount of facilities the city of Toronto spends on recreation

Infographic using elements from the 2016 Budget. 

invite for the A O D A awards, showing people with disabilities having a party outside City Hall

Concept for the AODA Champion Awards e-invite, 2015.

illustrations of the City of Toronto's print centres

Icons for the City's internal online store depicting print and design service location across Toronto.

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